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 General Fitness

Endurance | Functional Fitness

Your personal health coach for overall fitness

We can help you with:

  • Reinstate your sleep cycle and physical strength.

  • Tripled total productivity

  • Boost your agility and immunity.

  • Double your flexibility.


Positive changes YOU can expect with consistent exercise and a healthy diet:

  • Regain strength - Your spine's bone density will improve with 30 minutes of daily activity and a healthy diet, and you'll rebuild lost endurance and lessen the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Mindful sleep patterns - Exercise and a healthy diet assist to regulate the body clock, develop discipline, encourage better sleep schedules, and interrupt thought habits that lead to overthinking.

  • Boost immunity - The main factors that improve immunity are gut health, sleep quality, and breathing. Together with a healthy diet, exercise is quite beneficial.

  • Better heart endurance - Healthy eating and regular exercise reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress levels, which all contribute to improved endurance.

  • Increase flexibility - Muscles cannot stretch as much due to a sedentary lifestyle, which causes cramps and spasms. A proper workout allows for movement mobility by detoxifying the muscles.

  • WFH productivity - A rounded back reduces actual lung capacity by compressing the lungs. Correct exercise enhances posture, permits deep breathing, and increases brain oxygenation, which improves attention.


  • How could you improve your body stamina?

       Yoga offers a variety of health advantages. It is useful in enhancing stamina

       physically, psychologically, and mentally in addition to keeping a healthy posture,

       raising metabolism, lowering fatigue, resting heart rates, and stress levels.

  • Does burning calories result in weight loss?

       Not necessary, we say. However, knowing how many calories you consume and

       directing yourself in healthy ways can help you lose weight.

  • By what age should you eat the most calories each day?

       A very important consideration for your age is keeping a close eye on your calorie

      consumption. Therefore, the moderate calorie intake for a male aged 19 to 51 or

      older is between 2000 and 2400 calories per day. The daily calorie consumption for

      girls in the same age group ranges from 1600 to 2000.

      However, these vary from person to person based on a number of variables,

      therefore it is advisable to speak with your coach.

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