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About Us

On a Mission To Establish a Habit of Fitness

About us

Fitklan can help you reach your goals, whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat or just stay fit. Get everything you need to improve your health, mind, and body.

We think the sole prerequisite is having the commitment, drive, and discipline to do it. The real rewards are found along the way rather than at the end. This transition can be advantageous in all facets of life with honour, integrity, sweat, blood, and tears. The physique is a testimonial to the years of commitment, drive, and discipline needed to realise one's potential both mentally and physically, not the end goal.


Our Mission

We want to create a community where you can look at your friends & family and know that they are on the same road. We provide evidence-based knowledge, peer support, and holistic coaching to the strength and physique community in order to assist every individual & athletes to reach their full potential in all spheres of life.


Our Values

  • Commitment towards a craft - Fitness enthusiasts, coaches, competitors, bodybuilders, and powerlifters all need to be committed to their chosen field if they want to develop their craft over time. We are committed to providing the community with top-notch coaching and education.

  • The desire for improvement - Although there will always be successes and disappointments in life, everyone should experience the joy of realising their greatest potential. We are always looking for ways to get better at what we do, and we want to encourage our clients to do the same.

  • Talent launches careers; discipline keeps them going - A marathon, not a sprint, is required to maintain good health and fitness. You only get better at what you practise, and the discipline to continue practising over a long period of time is what sets greats apart from the rest.

  • Honesty at all times - Our commitment to creating a network of support for fitness enthusiasts is based on solid interpersonal connections. We can improve as coaches, athletes, and people by communicating with one another in an honest and courteous manner.

  • Respect the science, respect the person - We support an approach that is genuinely "evidence-based." We are knowledgeable practitioners who are secure in our judgments, and we are careful in assimilation of what the current body of scientific research suggests. However, we prioritise treating each client as an individual. Since no two people are alike, no two coaching interactions are ever the same.


Our Promises

  1. To provide the health and fitness community with top-notch coaching and knowledge based on evidence.

  2. To act with integrity, humility, and honesty at all times.

  3. To honor those who invest their efforts in sports & fitness.

    Fitklan is the place to help you reach your goals, whether you want to boost your self-assurance, alter your lifestyle and habits, put on muscle, burn fat, or simply be stage ready before a photoshoot.

    There is no ideal moment to begin, so don't place a timeline! Be responsible for your actions right now, and with our assistance, guide yourself to a healthier lifestyle in the future. Following our programmes will help you develop discipline and give you a boost of energy.

    Do not worry if you are constrained by covid! We have developed many programmes that you can utilise and will let you shape your physique at home!

      Give us your objectives, data, and preferences, and we'll use the expertise we've gained over the course of our long

      careers in this field to create a plan that WILL work for you as it has for so many others.

Pratik Singh Nahata_FITKLAN

Meet your Coach

Hi, I am Pratik Raj Nahata.

A Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach from NASM.

Fitness to me isn't only about being physically healthy; it's also about maximizing your potential in life and feeling mentally strong. 

People should love working out and eating healthily, in my opinion. 

They do it to improve their lives, not merely to look nice.

You can be confident that my training and nutrition plans are created particularly to help you get the best results thanks to my more than 12 years of experience in the field. geared precisely toward you, your objectives, preferences, and exercise preferences.

Are you prepared to start over, get in shape like a boss, and live the life you DESERVE?

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